Mental Health Signposting Workshop

Claire Thompson, Head of University Welfare, donated two hours of her time to teach Night Owls about Mental Health Signposting. Thanks Claire! This workshop was so useful as she gave us practical advice about what we can do as Owls (or even as friends) to help people suffering from mental health problems. We also learnt about what the City and University offers our students in terms of support for everything from assault to drugs to anxiety.

It was a great evening as the presentation was so informative and we ate our weight in snacks during the break. It’s always great to see so many of our volunteers involved and we all received some freebies at the end too!

Head to for more information about the great services the University offers. Feeling a bit low? Stressed about exams? Or worried about your procrastination? The University provides relaxed group counselling sessions which offer support to tackle common problems young people encounter during their studies.