Exec are the people behind the scenes that aim to continue building Night Owls into a safe and useful project.

Aidan – Lead Coordinator 

Aidan is our Lead Coordinator and keeps our members organised and focused on the project and goals at hand, making sure everything is run to it’s maximum potential in all areas.



Maddy – Vice Coordinator



Nottingham Night Owls started with an idea from Maddy, our co-ordinator, who wanted to keep students safe and enjoy their nights out. Due to Maddy’s hard work and dedication, Night Owls is growing into a wonderful service with committed volunteers which is having a real impact on student safety.


Anna – General Sec

Anna du mont


Anna is our General Secretary, working hard to keep everyone up to date with their admin and meetings. She makes sure Night Owls is running smoothly and keeps exec on task.




Jorja – Fundraiser



Jorja is our fundraiser, she works hard planning activities and events to raise money so that Night Owls can continue our work.




Ellie – Stock Manager

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 00.30.01


Ellie will be ensuring that Night Owls have enough of everything we need throughout the year to ensure that we can help out students in any way possible on a night out.




Mary – Publicity



Mary is probably why you’ve heard of the Night Owls! She works hard to think of new ways to put our name out there and make sure students know that there is help if they need it. She designs and orders all of  our publicity material; such as our posters, business cards, information packs and stickers.



Alice, Chloe and Carrie – Welfare and Rota


Chloe May

Carrie ann

Alice, Chloe and Carrie are our welfare and rota officers, which means they are in charge of organising our volunteers into patrol groups and making sure we have enough for each shift. They will then contact our volunteers after their shift to talk about it and make sure they’re fully supported if they have any concerns.

Tate – Tech



Tate is responsible for maintaining and updating both our website and our page with the Nottingham University Student’s Union. She’ll post about news and events to make sure everyone is up to date with what the Night Owls are up to.



 Chloe – Training

Chloe dench


Chloe’s main responsibility is making sure that our Night Owls are ready for whatever a shift may have to throw at them whilst out and about. She makes sure we get thorough training in things such as first aid and risk assessment, as well as adding new material as we grow. This means that our volunteers and those that we help are given the best possible support.



Chris – Treasurer



Chris works hard to organise our finances. He is always looking out for grants and sustainable funding for the project whilst also creating budget plans, looking into ways we can save money and organising our accounts



Juliet – Expansion Officer



Juliet is in charge of expanding the Night Owls, such as how we move to cover more students in Nottingham. Through her hard work we can grow further at a suitable rate, and can eventually cover more universities.